Thursday, July 1, 2010


My mom came to visit us and stayed for three wonderful weeks, even though it was cloudy the whole time she was here. She left yesterday. Today it is a beautiful sunny day. Go figure. 

Here is the play by play of mom's visit, the condensed version.

Mom arrived and she got lots of hugs from her adoring grandchildren. Especially this from this girl.

Grandma immediately gave gifts to my kids. It never fails. I always tell her she doesn't need to and she always tells me that she doesn't get to spoil them very much so she has to do it all at once. I don't think that I will ever win that argument. It's a grandmother's prerogative to spoil her grandchildren. I may as well get used to it.

My dog acts strangely and cuddles with my mom. Stinky Beagle always betrays me for my mother. 

We see  my nephew and my sister daily. He is at a terribly fun age. His father has taught him all sorts of fun tricks. If you ask him "What do you say?" with the hopes of getting him to say "Please" he will only reply "Toot!" 

We went to Colony Days in Palmer. We bought flowers.

We watched the longest small town parade ever. No really, it was. We left after an hour and a half and it was still going strong.

Grandma took a break while we scored lots of candy.

We watched moose poop get thrown at a giant target from the top of a firetruck extension ladder.

We had a lovely picnic.

My boy climbed lots of trees.

My nephew got bowled over by a lamb at the petting zoo while I sat there and took pictures of him. I'm a really good aunt.

Sonny Boy was enthralled with the baby goats. So cute and so tiny! I wouldn't have objected if he had snuck one out of the petting zoo and back to our house.

Princess Blondie showed her cousin a lady bug because they had to entertain themselves while we looked at more flowers to buy.
She loves bugs. I don't really love bugs.

Another greenhouse that we went to to buy flowers.

My mom planted my flowers fro me. I love my mom. She does my dishes and plants my flowers. 

We brought Sonny Boy to Scout Camp. It was fun. Even I had fun the days that I was there to help. I want to be a Boy Scout, I think.

Mom, my sister, and I had a girls' day away and went shopping and took pictures of coffee huts. 

We watched Sonny Boy play baseball.

We went to the hay flats. I think it may be my favorite place on earth.

We watched Stinky Beagle fall through the grate on the bridge to the hay flats. We laughed at her and I took pictures of her. I'm a really good pet owner too.

We went camping near Eklutna. It rained.

We saw the most beautiful lake in the most beautiful setting. You'll just have to take my word for it because it's a little hard to capture on film.

We left early because it was raining and stopped to get ice cream on the way out.

Sonny Boy played on a small piece of the Alaskan Pipeline.

We stopped in Eklutna and looked at the spirit houses over the graves.

Mom took a picture of a  moose eating my herbs.

Mom also took this picture of my girl on the playset in our back yard. I love this picture.

The kids played Farmville (or was it My Town?) with Mom. Princess Blondie was becoming obsessed with it.

We went to Lake Lucille. I tried to point out for my mom which house was Sarah Palin's . Turns out I don't know which one it is. 

My nephew got his rain suit on so he could go for a four wheeler ride in the rain with his cousins.

My mom had to ride back to my house with a piece of Styrofoam on her head.

Mom took a nap with my baby nephew. 

Mom helped me pick out this poppy. We did a LOT of flower shopping, but now our gardens look great!

Goodbye, Mom! My garden thanks you. 
You'll be back next spring to do it all over again, right?


  1. Great pictures!! Now I get to spend some time with her as she reminisces her great times with you. Aunt Eva

  2. Beth - I love looking at all of your pictures. I'm just so happy for you that you are actually living out your dream of being in Alaska. It looks like you had an awesome time with your mom. And your kids seem to love it out there too. Your family is beautiful, your comments are hilarious and I hope your summer is treating you well - even if the slip-n-slide isn't getting used much. :) Tina-Marie

  3. Tina! How are you!? So glad that you stopped by and glad that you enjoyed it. We are having a great summer so far. I hope that you are enjoying your summer as much as we are. Send your kids down the slip n' slide for me ;)


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