Tuesday, June 16, 2009

No more pencils, no more books...

The kids have finished the school year. Princess Blondie went to Wee Wings preschool this year and she loved her teachers and all the kids in her class. She talks about her friends there all the time and has learned some really cute songs that she sings at home. She still has another year before she can start kindergarten but I think she could do the work now. It's probably best for her to wait a year anyway.

Sonny Boy graduated from kindergarten last week. They even had little caps and gowns that his teacher borrowed from her church. They had a cute little graduation ceremony and Sonny Boy had to hand out programs. They sang some songs and then they went up and received their diplomas. Sonny Boy is super excited about going into first grade. I just saw the school schedule for Alaska and he has to start on August 17! At least they get out early. His last day of school is May 20. He will have a short summer this year!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Trip to D.C.

So DHand I went to D.C. two weeks ago to spend some time with my brother and see some of the sights that we had missed that last time we were there. We went last year and camped and it was miserably hot. We decided to go sans children this time and I'm sure it was much more enjoyable for everyone that way. Four and six year olds have zero interest in monuments anyway and they had a blast at Ty and Ava's house. Thank God I have a fantastic friend who will keep my kids for three days while we go on vacation. Thanks Lindsay!

We had a great time. We stopped at IKEA on the way up and bought a few nightstands for our bedroom. DH and I were still using the nightstands that we had as children. Now they can be relegated back to children's rooms. I was amazed at how big IKEA really was. First I was surprised that there was two floors and then I found out there were actually three. I love all of the stuff in there but I wish a little more of it was actually made out of wood.

We then went drove up to Eric and Nicoles place and parked our car for the weekend. There isn't much need for a car in D.C. We later realized that we parked under a tree where birds promptly pooped all over it. We went out to eat more that weekend then we normally do in a month. It was great. We had some great authentic pizza, some Mexican thing that I can't remember the name of, and even Ethiopian food. Yum, is all I can say!

Saturday we went to Arlington. Just the scope of it is awe inducing. My favorite part was watching the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers. It was really much more emotional than I anticipated. They asked for silence right before the changing of the guard. It was neat to see that many people (including kids on field trips) be quiet for that and quickly shush the people who just walked up not knowing they were supposed to be quiet. It was just nice to see so many people be so respectful when respect for anything seems to be on the downward slide in America.

Later that night we went and saw the monuments. It was really great to see how beautiful they are at night. We took some great pictures and soon discovered that we need a better camera. Eric got some fantastic pictures. I think most of the night shots on the slide show are his, at least the ones that are in focus!

Sunday we went to the Eastern Market and wandered around looking at all the things people had for sale. There was produce, jewelry, furniture, vintage posters, handmade clothes, anything you can think of. We headed home after lunch and picked the kids up right before bedtime. It makes me wonder why we never did this before!

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Way up north!

So we finally did it. We are moving to Alaska! We have been wanting to move there ever since DH joined the Air Force over 6 years ago but we never made it there with the Air Force. Funny thing is, now thatDH is out of the Air Force he will be working on an Air Force base doing exactly what he did when he was in! PMEL is contracted out to civilians at Elmendorf. Now that he is a civilian (except for one weekend a month and two weeks a year when he has Reserve duty) he can finally get the Air Force job he always dreamed of.

Funny, isn't it?

The best part of this whole move is that we will finally get to live by family again. My sister lives in Alaska as well and we plan on living close to her family. She's trying to convince us to buy a house right down the street! She may change her mind about that. It will be so wonderful to have someone to spend holidays with and have Sunday dinners with. I know we are both excited to have babysitters!

Now the biggest challenge is getting all of us and our stuff all the way up north into a house that we have yet to buy. I have been having a great time looking at all of the houses for sale on-line but I know pictures can be deceiving. My sister put me in contact with her realtor and she will show us some of the houses I've picked out once we get up there. She asked me for some of the houses that I liked so she would know what to look for for us. I told her I had about 20 on my list and she said I was a lot like my sister! I know this is going to be a hard decision. I have a hard time picking out anything, much less something big like a house! I'm still excited about it though and I need to work on whittling down my list for my poor realtor.

So that is the plan so far. The kids and I will visit family in Michigan for a while this summer while DH drives all of our stuff up and gets things settled. I hope to see some of you while we are in Michigan this summer because it will probably be a while before we make it back again. It is quite a trip!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Finally Finished!

Well, I have finally finished all of the courses for my bachelor's degree. I will technically not graduate until August, but I have completed all of the classes and now just have to wait. Unfortunately I will not be walking because we are moving to Alaska (I'll post more about that later)! Even though I will not be walking I still have to pay the graduation fee which bugs me. $70 for a cap and gown that they are going to mail to me. I really don't want the cap and gown, just send me my diploma and the nice little tassel. It will be good to hang from the rear view mirror.

Although I will finally have my bachelor's degree I am not finished with school. I have a degree in Early Childhood Education but do not have a teaching certificate so I need to find a school up there that will let me take few courses and do student teaching so I can get a teaching certificate. I have heard that student teaching is a year long in Alaska, so we will see what happens. I would like to work in a preschool setting and many of those do not require teaching certificates so we will see what happens once we move. Some day I plan on getting my masters degree but for now I am just glad to be done with school. I had my last class last Tuesday and all week I have felt like I was forgetting some homework that I really should be working on!

I made some really great friends at school and it will be strange not to see them every Tuesday night. I will miss talking to them, but that is what facebook is for!