Tuesday, June 8, 2010


My children have now learned the fine art of posing for the vacation picture.
They have taken to it quite well.When you are camping in a National Park you don't have that many things to pose with. My children decided that rocks were the answer. National parks have rocks in abundance.

DH willingly obliged to be a rock poser with the chilluns.

The 'big rock' pose.

My personal favorite, the 'middle of a parking lot rock' pose. 
Because nothing says nature like asphalt, a tour bus, and a hotel.

Sonny Boy needs to work on his rock posing smile. He makes weird faces. The only way to get a normal looking smile is to make him laugh.

And now we go for the double pose. Because one is not enough. 
Pose numero uno.

And the slight variation of pose numero uno, I give you pose numero dos.

And another double pose. 
This is the casual, 'hey, I'm just hanging out on a rock' pose.

And now the more formal  'standing on a rock' pose.

This is the 'we ran out of rocks, but here is a nice bench' pose.

And this is the obligatory 'I'm standing by the sign so you will all know that I was here' pose.
We didn't stop at the Denali park entrance sign, so we had to substitute the Savage River elevation sign. Because you all have a burning need to know the Savage River elevation, I can tell.

And finally....

The 'I'm just chillin on a bridge' pose. 
I also like to call this one the 'Do not lean back or you will give your mother a heart attack' pose.
The Littlest Poser was tired and cranky at this point and opted out of the bridge pose. 

Thus concludes the tutorial, Vacation Picture Posing 101.
I hope you learned some valuable techniques.

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