Saturday, June 12, 2010

Puppy Love

Once upon a time, DH went to the pound and picked out a dog.
Stinky Beagle then promptly decided that I was her one true love and DH has talked of wanting to get another dog since the day we got her. That was over five years ago. Someday, I'm sure that he'll get his dog that will love him better than anyone. 

But it surely is not this dog. She already has her favorites.

Princess Blondie was cooking away in my womb and I think she lept for joy when Stinky Beagle came to be my third child.

Ever since she could walk she would follow Stinky Beagle around.
And sit in her bed.

This is the day she decided that Stinky Beagle needed saving and read to her from the Bible.

"Thou shalt not steal my goldfish crackers from my hand and eat them."
I'm pretty sure that is the eleventh commandment. Or maybe it's one of those really obscure laws from Leviticus.

Stinky Beagle was also good sister for Princess Blondie's baby doll.

Tuck you in...

Kiss you good night.

Don't let the bedbugs bite.

Stinky Beagle was also good for playing tug of war with,

wrestling with,

inspecting bugs with,

and she was great for hugging.

Stinky Beagle is also great 

for taking naps with,

playing games with,

and using as a table.

Truer friends there could never be.

But Princess Blondie had better watch out for this guy.
My nephew's first word was Stinky Beagle's name.

She has now got some competition for who loves Stinky Beagle the most.

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  1. I love that! I hope to have such cute puppy pictures one day. I just hope that my little puppy survives.


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