Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The MU Computer Club

My children have started a club. The headquarters of this club is in the little strip of trees between our house and the neighbors house. I feel sort of bad for the neighbors having to look at the random boards, string, hammers, screwdrivers, bricks, pavers, and camp chairs that my kids have stashed out there. I figure if it really bothered them they'd say something to us. And I think the kids are still technically on our property. The strip of trees between houses is a bit of a a gray area, but my children have laid claim to it when a moose isn't eating one of the trees. Moose obviously have first dibs.

The name of their club cracks me up. Only the children of a tech geek would name their ramshackle tree fort in the "woods" the MU Computer Club. I asked Sonny Boy what MU stood for. I don't know, he said. It's just what we call it. At least they have a method to their madness.

I went out to snap a few pictures of their fort and found this.

These are Princess Blondie's new shoes. That she flat refuses to wear. Oh, and there are her flip flops too. Here they are outside in their fort where it has been raining all weekend. Excuse me while I go put her in time out.

Perhaps DH needs to build them a fort with a roof so that she won't ruin more shoes. Of course it would make more sense for Princess Blondie to just learn to put her stuff away, but between getting DH to build a fort or Princess Blondie putting her stuff away when she is told, DH building a fort is the much likelier of the two scenarios. 

She is such a stubborn little thing. 

 I don't know where she gets it from.

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