Thursday, February 12, 2009

Boys will be boys, but what about those girls!?!

Here is my most embarrassing moment as a parent thus far. I'm sure there are many more moments to come in the future.

Apparently sometime in the past few days, DH had a conversation with Sonny Boy about peeing outside. I guess he told him that it was ok for boys to pee outside SOMETIMES, and to always go where no one could see you. Well, apparently Sonny Boy passed this information on to Princess Blondie and it got a little misconstrued. Princess Blondie decided to pee outside. She then also decided to poop outside, all the while apparently squatting on the little bridge they had made over a ditch in our backyard so she could poop in the ditch. Then lo and behold Stinky Beagle discovered the poop... and ate it.

Princess Blondie still won't fess up to it but Sonny Boy has filled me in on all the details.

Now you have it; my proudest moment as a parent.