Saturday, October 22, 2011

Seeing things

A while ago I painted my bathroom. I wasn't very happy with it at first. I was a little stumped about how to deal with the Aquafresh color that had appeared instead of the breezy turquoise blue I had imagined. I didn't want to live inside a tube of toothpaste, even if it was a bathroom. I contemplated stripes but made a last minute game plan change and did a stencil instead.

It seems I was on to something.

Check out this bedding from Z Gallerie that I found while perusing their site. It's the exact color and pattern from my bathroom! Who knew I could be such a trend setter? I was ahead of my time and didn't even know it.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Tonight my little girl begged for just one more hug as I left her room after our goodnight prayers as she usually does. Then she told me: 
Mom,I love you to the moon and back (as per usual, but then it got even better) a thousand times!

I love you aaaallll the numbers in the world two million times.

I love you all the things in the world, two hundred aaaaand fifty thousand times.

And then the kicker.
I love you as much as the dogs!

I laughed at first, but that's actually a pretty big compliment coming from her.