Thursday, October 20, 2011


Tonight my little girl begged for just one more hug as I left her room after our goodnight prayers as she usually does. Then she told me: 
Mom,I love you to the moon and back (as per usual, but then it got even better) a thousand times!

I love you aaaallll the numbers in the world two million times.

I love you all the things in the world, two hundred aaaaand fifty thousand times.

And then the kicker.
I love you as much as the dogs!

I laughed at first, but that's actually a pretty big compliment coming from her.


  1. Ah, let's try to leave a comment now. I'm not at home and not using my regular computer which are two things I suspect of culpability in not allowing me to leave comments here. Great post. Teary eyed.

  2. Hey Beth! Love reading your posts! The fall pics are amazing! Happy moose sighting! Lol
    Chris and Steve

  3. So sweet...and funny! I love the pictures on the old car btw.

  4. Thanks Chris. Miss you guys!

    Lisa, the pics turned out way better than I anticipated. I wasn't going to bring the dog, but she ended up in all the good pictures! She brings out the best in my girl. ;)


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