Tuesday, June 16, 2009

No more pencils, no more books...

The kids have finished the school year. Princess Blondie went to Wee Wings preschool this year and she loved her teachers and all the kids in her class. She talks about her friends there all the time and has learned some really cute songs that she sings at home. She still has another year before she can start kindergarten but I think she could do the work now. It's probably best for her to wait a year anyway.

Sonny Boy graduated from kindergarten last week. They even had little caps and gowns that his teacher borrowed from her church. They had a cute little graduation ceremony and Sonny Boy had to hand out programs. They sang some songs and then they went up and received their diplomas. Sonny Boy is super excited about going into first grade. I just saw the school schedule for Alaska and he has to start on August 17! At least they get out early. His last day of school is May 20. He will have a short summer this year!

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