Monday, June 8, 2009

Finally Finished!

Well, I have finally finished all of the courses for my bachelor's degree. I will technically not graduate until August, but I have completed all of the classes and now just have to wait. Unfortunately I will not be walking because we are moving to Alaska (I'll post more about that later)! Even though I will not be walking I still have to pay the graduation fee which bugs me. $70 for a cap and gown that they are going to mail to me. I really don't want the cap and gown, just send me my diploma and the nice little tassel. It will be good to hang from the rear view mirror.

Although I will finally have my bachelor's degree I am not finished with school. I have a degree in Early Childhood Education but do not have a teaching certificate so I need to find a school up there that will let me take few courses and do student teaching so I can get a teaching certificate. I have heard that student teaching is a year long in Alaska, so we will see what happens. I would like to work in a preschool setting and many of those do not require teaching certificates so we will see what happens once we move. Some day I plan on getting my masters degree but for now I am just glad to be done with school. I had my last class last Tuesday and all week I have felt like I was forgetting some homework that I really should be working on!

I made some really great friends at school and it will be strange not to see them every Tuesday night. I will miss talking to them, but that is what facebook is for!

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  1. Good Job. I am so glad that you are finished. Can I send Mitchell and Noah up to Alaska for school. I wish. That way I would know that they would have a great teacher.


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