Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hellboy returneth

It sounds like a Metallica song, doesn't it?
As I wrote that title, Thunderstruck started playing on my internal ipod (because I don't have a real one. I just pretend the music in my head is from a real ipod. That's not crazy, right?)

Sooo, as I was saying, there has been another Hellboy sighting. 
 Remember Hellboy? The bull moose who finally helped me be able to tell the difference between moose boys and girls? I saw him on the way to Sonny Boy's baseball game today just a block or so from our house. I happened to have the camera with me so I pulled over and took some pictures. I had to give my brother's camera back, so these are taken with the point and shoot and therefore are a titch fuzzy. Sorry, I wasn't about to get out of my car and walk closer for a better shot. I have a better sense of self preservation than that.

I think it may be time to rename him. Look, he has real antlers now, not just little nubs. They're nothing to write home about yet, but they are better than they were just two months ago. I'm not sure that I can rename him, though. He will always be Hellboy to me. 

But that has me thinking now. I actually have no idea if this is the same moose. My first thought was, "Wow, look,  it's Hellboy!" so I'm going with my gut. It makes sense in my own little world that he would return to me. But then when I told DH that I saw him he asked me if he could shoot him. Now I hope it's not Hellboy. 

Maybe it's time I stop naming all the moose that wander into my yard.


  1. oh boy that thing is HUGE. I have a really really small dog. Like 10 pounds and I'm pretty sure she would scream if she saw that thing. lol


  2. I was shocked at how huge they really were when we first moved here. It still takes me by surprise sometimes!


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