Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's a grand old flag...

In the spirit of Independence Day, I thought that I would share something pretty cool that I witnessed at Sonny Boy's Crossover ceremony for Scouts.

A Crossover ceremony takes place when the scouts move on to the next level of scout. Sonny Boy was a Tiger Scout and he crossed over to become a Wolf Scout.

Before the crossover, the Scouts got to perform and witness a flag retirement ceremony. Someone gave a flag to the Scouts so that it could have a proper retirement. I believe that it was donated by the VFW and I'm not sure if it is this particular flag that I will show you, but one of them was flown overseas in the middle east. I think they said it was flown in Iraq or Afghanistan, but I can't remember. I could just be making this whole thing up. Anyway, I thought that was pretty neat.

First the Scouts were told the seriousness of the ceremony and instructed to act in accordance. Getting a bunch of elementary aged boys to take anything seriously is difficult, but I thought they did a pretty good job.

Next the flag was presented while the Scouts saluted it.

We then heard a bit of the history of the flag.

The flag was presented

and then it is burned.

Flags that are old, faded, and torn should be replaced.

The flag needs to be burned completely

with nothing left but ashes.

One final salute.

The new flag is presented

and saluted.

I was surprised that I even got a little emotional during this ceremony. I'm getting soft in my old age.  I really felt proud of everything the flag represented and I imagined where that flag had flown.

Then it was time for Crossover.

Sonny Boy tied his name on the bridge, walked across,  and received his new Wolf scarf and hat.

He and the rest of his den are checking out their new stuff.

Introducing the newest Wolf Scout. I suppose I should finally sew the rest of his patches on.

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