Monday, May 3, 2010

Who dunnit?

Time for another episode of "Which Child Should I Blame for This?"


The tree by the front of our driveway was absolutely destroyed.

My first thought is that it was this guy. He really likes to climb those trees. Don't be fooled by that toothy grin and that Cub Scout uniform. He had been caught many times climbing those poor little trees even though he had been warned that he was too big and had already broken some of their poor little branches off.

Then I thought that maybe it was this one. I had to rescue her out of said tree this winter when her leg got caught and she was hanging upside down in it. Plus she is sometimes up to shenanigans like stealing my camera and taking pictures of herself. And my messy house.

Then I had a closer look and saw this. Hmm, curious. Teeth marks. Big teeth marks. Sonny Boy did finally get his two front teeth that he had asked for for Christmas. And he is awfully proud of them. But I don' think he went all beaver on the tree.

So that left only one more suspect. I have run out of children so I moved on to this guy (or girl, I really can't tell).

I should have known. These little buggers are always showing up in our yard. They wander around like they own the place. Just nevermind the fact that we moved smack in the middle of their habitat. Now, shoo!

That's right, move along.

Keep it moving, Sister (or Brother. Once again, I can't tell until they start to grow antlers. Or don't). Be gone with you!

Wait a minute! That's not where I was shooing you...

Do you see what I"m up against?

My poor garden is doomed.


  1. Too funny! I love the moose. At least it wasn't the children! I love Zoe's picture.

  2. Krissa, she really does use my camera all the time. She loves it! What a goofball.


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