Monday, May 24, 2010


This is my mom. Here she is holding my sleeping girl. 

This is her version of heaven. Her favorite thing to do in the whole world is to cuddle her sleeping grandkids. The only thing that she might like more is to read to her grandkids while cuddling. I used to crawl in bed with her every morning before school to cuddle. Let's just say that neither of us are morning people. Cuddling in bed is much more fun than getting up and getting ready for school/work.

Now, my mom has a sister, Eva. My mom and Aunt Eva used to come down to NC every spring to visit us. It started when my cousin also lived in NC. Mom and Aunt Eva would take road trip and mom would be dropped off at my house and Aunt Eva would go visit her daughter 2 hours away. We would get together for a day at the beach and have a great time together.

Then my cousin had the audacity to move back to Michigan. I'm glad that my mom and aunt decided that these road trips were fun anyway and decided that they would keep coming. So now our new tradition was for them to come visit just me. And we would make margaritas and play dominoes or cards. Mom and aunt Eva are  feisty card players. This is helped by the fact that mom can't hold her liquor. Mom just nurses one drink all night and gets giggly and mischievous. She tries to cheat A LOT. She's not very good at cheating.

I love watching my mom with her sister. They really are great friends. They have so much fun and laugh so much when they are together. 

There was recently a photo contest that was entitled Happiness. I immediately thought of a particular photo of my mom and Aunt Eva. It is the perfect picture of happiness. Then I realized that my sister sent me copies of her pictures and I hadn't actually taken the photo. So much for the photo contest, but I thought I would share them with you, anyway. 

I hope my sisters and I have as much fun as my mom and her sister do when we are old. Hehehe.... I love to call them old. It gets them all riled up. And then we laugh a lot.


  1. You have inspired me. I need to immeadiatly get pregnant again and provide my daughter with a sister...
    My husband will be thrilled.

  2. this is such a great post. i hope my girls are like that when they are "old". :)

  3. Some great pics!

    haha...and i love what juliajudah said.


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