Saturday, May 8, 2010

Important: Something you absolutely need to know about me

I once touched an elephants butt.

There, it's out there. I've come clean.
I feel much better now. Phew.

Here is the evidence. 

Gees, it was really hairy too. Just look at that.
And boy, I had a lot of hair back then also.

I stumbled on this picture as a was going through old photos and I really have no recollection of this moment ever happening. You would think that something as momentous as this would be forever ingrained in my memory but alas, it is not. Thank God for cameras or I wouldn't remember anything.


  1. Too funny. I love it. I love looking through old pictures.

  2. I've been so sad all day looking at how little my babies used to be. I wish I could go back and enjoy them when they were that little. Just for a day. After that I might want kids who were potty trained again.


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