Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No help at all

This is a moose. I saw her wandering around our yard the other evening.
After a while I kind of forgot she was there. They just sort of blend in to the the scenery up here. 

Stinky Beagle wanted outside so we went out the front door and I hooked her up to her chain. (Stinky Beagle likes to explore the neighborhood a little too much, so until we find a better containment system, a chain it is.) 
I look up and see Miss Moose happily munching away at my yard. She sort of scared the crap out of me since I had forgotten she was there. I waited for my Stinky Beagle to start barking and going crazy and I hoped that she wouldn't get trampled on.

But alas, nothing happened. Stinky Bealge sniffed the air a bit. She knew something was amiss, but she couldn't quite place it. It's like Miss Moose is completely invisible. Stinky Beagle looked everywhere but at the moose. She then decided that all was right with the world, plopped herself down, and started gnawing on her bone.

She sat out there for a good half hour just chewing on her bone.

And Miss Moose just kept eating my grass.

So much for her scaring off any wild beasts. Stinky Beagle really is kind of worthless when it comes to being a gaurd dog. Unless you're a man. Then she'll bark her fool head off.

I hope that I never get trampled on by a moose because Stinky Beagle will probably just plop down, find herself a bone to chew on, and watch the show.

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  1. That is too funny! Animals and children never do what we think they will. At least it gives us a reason to laugh. =)


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