Sunday, May 9, 2010


My boy was an early walker. Parents and grandparents always tend to encourage early walking. If you have kids or grandkids, please stop all the early walking encouragement. No good can come of it. Let me assure you. Once they can walk the shenanigans begins. 

Case and point. In photos.

This is my Sonny Boy. 
He was 9 months old in this picture. I grow giant babies.

He found the cake that I had made DH for his birthday.

I left the cake on the table. It never once occurred to me that it might not be safe there because the only two people in the house were me and a 9 month old boy.

He then decided to lick the frosting off the table. It looked like he was playing a giant harmonica. He just kept moving his mouth from one side of the frosted table to the other, licking up as much icing as he could.

I suppose I can only blame myself. I shouldn't have left it within his reach. Because I'm sure there are lots of other 9 month olds who have monkey arms and can reach cakes on tables. I'm sure he's not a freak of nature or anything like that. It's totally normal. I should have known better.

I fixed it and we ate it anyway. Baby slobber and all.

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