Monday, February 7, 2011

The post with no pictures. It feels weird.

I was all set to sit down and finally write a new post today and our PC is not working and my laptop doesn't like my flash drive. I was going to give up but then I decided that I guess I don't have to have pictures in every post, but it just feels a little wrong without it. You'll just have to use your imaginations. 

So here is a list of random things that I have been up to since I left you with my bathroom paint conundrum and then fell off the blogosphere.
1. I heard all of your vertical and horizontal stripe opinions (mostly on facebook. I love all of your comments, no matter where you leave them!) and then I had a moment of panic. I had posted my last entry, gone to bed and then lay there thinking. I finally decided on horizontal. I then woke up, read that everyone (minus Heidi) thought that I should do vertical and suddenly didn't know what to do anymore! Then I got a burr in my britches, and decided that stripes were out and a stencil was in! I love it, but it did take me In fact, it is still not done. I have it all on the wall, but now I get to go back and touch it all up. Ugh. You'd think I'd have learned my lesson with stencils on a textured walls. I did a stencil in Princess Blondie's room last year and it took me three days. The bathroom was no different. Once DH fixes my computer problems I'll show you pictures.

2. Sonny Boy had a birthday. It was a big success, even if I didn't get the bathroom finished before hand. We finally got some snow and the kids rode around on sleds towed behind the four-wheelers. It is the cleanest my house has even been after a birthday party. I fed them and gave them cake and then promptly kicked them outdoors. He didn't even have time to open his presents before it was time for everyone to leave. I know it was a great success because one of his friends was crying  because he didn't want to go. Crying is usually bad at birthday parties, but this time I marked it as a sure sign that this was one rockin' party. The best part of the party? My husband and brother-in-law took the kids outside while the rest of us moms sat in my nice warm (well, it's warm compared to outside, but you may want to bring slippers and a blanket if you visit my house) living room, visited, and drank coffee.

3. My husband and I went away for the weekend. Together. Alone. With no children. I think this is the first time that we have ever done that and we have been married for eight years next month. My wonderful friend, Lindsay, has watched my children many many nights for us when we lived in North Carolina, but this is the first time that we actually went away by ourselves. We did visit my brother and his girlfriend in DC once, and while it was a ton of fun, it was not terribly romantic. Brothers have a way of killing the romance.

We drove down to Seward as I have never been south of Anchorage, and we pretty much had the whole town to ourselves. Seward is pretty quiet in the winter. There are great restaurants, though, and the Sea Life Center is really neat. A definite must see. We drove all around and explored every side street and we even stumbled upon the prison on the other side of the harbor. We already have plans to go back in the summer (to Seward, not the prison). We want to go see Exit Glacier and take a ferry tour of Resurrection Bay. We'll even take the kids with us this time.

4.We watched the Super Bowl at my sister's house last night. I'm glad that the Packers won even though we have some friends that are big Steelers fans. I just have a hard time getting behind a team with a quarterback who is such a creep. Plus, you can always find me pulling for the underdog, so that made my wish for Green Bay to win a pretty easy choice to make.

5. After we got home from my sister's last night I put the kids to bed an hour early and then I went to bed. It was 7 pm. I don't think I've ever done that before. I usually am lucky if I get to bed while the clock still says pm, but I was tired. I slept 12 hours and now I feel a cold coming on. Guess that explains it.

6. My sister started work on a new floor in the hospital. She now has a set schedule, which means I now have a set schedule of watching my nephews. I also started going to a new Bible study at church. I also volunteer at the kids' school every Friday. I also teach preschool. I also drive my kids around to Scouts and whatnot and do homework with them, make dinner for them, and try to clean the house every once in a while. I also try to scrounge up enough time to post on my blog on a basis that is more than biannual (although I'm not doing a very good job on the last one). I iz busy.... It may sound like I'm complaining but don't get me wrong. I like love my life.


  1. I am glad that you love your life! It is nice to know. I couldn't decide on the strips either which is why you didn't hear my option. Glade to hear that Sonny Boy's birthday went so well. I know that winter parties are hard. I miss having the family place on base for Larissa's party. I want to go away with my husband maybe for my birthday. It sounds so nice! One day. Glad that you are doing great. Miss you and the kids.

  2. Your postings of everyday occurrences make me SMILE! (inside and out)

  3. Glad that you like my posts on our everyday lives ;)

  4. One of my favorite letters was from Mom and she just told me about what was happening that week and how Dad was haying. I love letters about everyday things.


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