Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rain, Rain, go away

It has rained for 31 days straight. Give me 9 more days like this and I will build me an ark and you can call me Noah. Needless to say, some records have been broken. The previous record was for 27 straight days of precipitation. I think that one is about to blown out of the water.
It does not rain all day every day, but some amount has fallen every. single. day. for a month. Yuck.
I was bragging this winter about how the darkness and weather weren't really getting to me. I can take that back now. We have had lots of comapny this summer and that has been wonderful. It has made me not really notice how gray and dreary it is here. But now all of our company is gone, and nothing distracts me from the gray skies anymore. My kids are sick of it too.
They go outside but the rain has put a damper on a lot of normal outdoor summer activities. That means they are stuck in the house a lot. With me. We are all ready for school to start. 

To pass the time my children have taken up bickering with each other. Even more than usual. They have also taken up fort building. I came downstairs to find this the other day.

This is a fort. It's a little hard to tell what it is at first. At first it just looks like they tore apart my living room.

Then I saw their heads poking out.

But that's not all. Look at what has happened in my garage.

This is also a fort. They built this one last week. The bikes are not much use to us in the rain, so they make the perfect support for a tarp fort. The entrance is under the bikes.

Who knew that a dirt bike, two mountain bikes, a pressure washer, a lawn mower, and a tarp could become a fort? Oh yeah, throw in some old towels and a few folding chairs.

Either school needs to start or it needs to stop raining. My husband wants his garage back. I don't blame him. It's a little hard to walk through there.

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  1. This is funny. I've been thinking a lot recently about the forts I used to build in our living room, much to my mother's dismay.


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