Thursday, August 26, 2010

First day: Round 2

Princess Blondie started kindergarten today.

So of course I made her pose for the first day of school pictures with her brother.

She was beyond excited for school to start. I was excited for her to start too. With Sonny Boy at school for a week already, she didn't quite know what to do with herself at home. They pretty much spend every minute together when they are home, so when he was gone she followed me around all day long. I enjoyed my last week with her all to myself. We certainly won't get that one on one time like we used to. 

She has been so excited to ride the bus. I really had to plead with her to get her to let me drive her to school on her first day. All the parents drive their kids to kindergarten on the first day. I told her that I needed pictures of her at school, but really I was just afraid that she might not find her classroom, or get scared at the last minute and I wouldn't be there. Plus, I didn't want people to think that I was a loser mom who made her kid ride the bus when all the other moms brought their kids on the first day because that is just the way people do it here. There were only 4 kids on the bus on Sonny Boy's first day. I had a 'feeling like a bad mom moment' when I saw that even though Sonny Boy hates it when I drive him to school. The 'pictures in the classroom' bit seemed to do the trick on Princess Blondie, but "This is the only time, Mom! I want to ride the bus!" I grudgingly obliged.

She didn't need my help. She did just fine. There was no tearful good bye from either party. I've never been very good at being able to muster up tears at the right time, not that I wasn't sad to leave her there (I am however really good at crying when I really don't want to, like when I'm really angry). She loved every minute of school. She loved recess. She got the teacher she was hoping for. She loves the school work.
  But of course, the bus ride home was her favorite part.


  1. Hi Beth :)
    Cherish these years! My oldest started college this week and my youngest is in 8th grade. It's a joy to watch them grow and see God's plan for their lives slowly unfold.

    Have a beautiful day :)

    p.s. your kids are adorable! & I love the peek of your yard in the green.

  2. JanMarie, there is a saying I think of often: "The hours pass slowly but the years are fast." I think I really messed that quote up, but that is the basic gist. And it is so painfully true. But I will not relish on it too long or I may cry...

    I'll tell DH you like the green yard ;) We just put it in this summer. I suppose if it was going to rain all summer, the summer we planted grass would be the proper time for rain. I could have dealt with a little less though.

    What you can't see is that the leaves on the trees are already starting to change. All the trees here turn yellow. It doesn't compare to Michigan's autumn, but it still is beautiful!

  3. Fledged at last,
    fledged at last,
    I'm riding the bus
    and I'm fledged at last...

  4. Thanks for that Gullible, it made me smile ;)

  5. The pictures of the kiddos are beautiful! I think that is incredible how you didn't have a tearful goodbye from either child.. especially Zoe! GOD IS GOOD! I bet that made for a BIT of an earlier departure. :)

  6. I know, she has changed so much, Marci! Remember when you had to peel her off of me at Life Group? She's really grown up ;)


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