Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hay flats...again

We made another trip back to the hay flats when my in-laws were here. Are you sick of the hay flats yet? I keep showing you pictures of it. Sorry, but I just love it there. When we were there once this summer I saw a photographer hauling an antique chair. They set it out in the grass, sat some children on it and started taking pictures. It was also one of the few sunny days that we have had this summer and it was absolutely gorgeous. I am now scouring craigslist and garage sales for a neat old chair. I'll borrow my sister's camera and take the kids out there once again and pray for a spot of sun to grace us with it's presence. That's my plan, but I think it is a long shot on the sun showing up.

This is Cottonwood Creek. We went there last week as well for my nephews baptism. I'll have to steal some of the pictures from my sister because it was awesome. He wore the hundred year old gown that originally belonged to my namesake.

This is the bridge over Cottonwood Creek. I love this rusty old bridge.

Boys will be boys no matter how old. DH had to go check out what was under the bridge.

Sonny Boy had to follow him.

We followed the trail for a ways.

The kids played in puddles.

There were lots of puddles.

And soon our trail turned into this.

'Twas deep. I suppose that's to be expected on the hay flats after it has rained all summer. Tis the nature of the beast. We decided to turn around.

And find a drier place to explore.

I took pictures of the kids. I really need to learn how to hold the camera straight. I LOVE this picture of Princess Blondie, but it is really, really, crooked.

I tried to straighten it while editing, but then in just cuts the top of her head off. Not really what I was going for.

I try to get some shots of Sonny Boy, but it is so much harder with him.

Boys just don't hold still for very long.

And he makes weird faces when he runs.

It could be because his daddy was chasing him. I think he gets the weird faces from DH.

This is when I had to duck for cover. Boys....

And then we went home. And I saw some moose prints and I took some pictures. There are always tons of prints out there, but I have yet to actually see a moose.

And so this will be my last post from they hay flats for a while. I'll try to mix it up a bit. But I'm not going to promise that I won't make it back out there sometime soon. Especially if it happens to be sunny.


  1. really great pics, Beth!

  2. Beth, I like the picture of PB! I didn't think it looked crooked, I thought she was just leaning back.

  3. Aww, thanks guys! I'm glad that you like them. Crooked, blurry, bad lighting and all...

  4. Hey, I take crooked pix too. Sometimes they work; sometimes they don't.

    That bridge looks as if it's made of Marsden mats. The military used them to make landing strips for planes. Might still do. More info:

    And now for my usual warning (^o^) to the Cheechakos: Watch out for that clay. It's treacherous. Mixed with water (like someone standing on it for a bit and moving slightly), it takes on a quicksand-like property. With predictable results.

  5. Gullible, that does look like Marsden matting. It wouldn't surprise me if it was. So far no one has sunk in the mud, but we have had plenty of wipe outs. It's slick!


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