Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dad, can we keep him?

The other day  the kids and I spotted this cow and calf in the woods just off the edge of our back yard.

We spent a little while watching them, but they soon took off.

It wasn't until after they left that I noticed this little guy on the other side of the house.

He was all alone. I kept expecting to see another cow come out of hiding somewhere, but we never spotted her. I suppose he could have belonged with the other cow and calf, but he seemed to be by himself.

He came to the yard and then he saw us watching him from the window.

Then he was distracted by something shiny.

And then he turned his attention back to us.

And then he decided it was time to get the heck out of Dodge.

This summer I've been really surprised by how sleek these animals are. I guess I just got so used to seeing them in their shaggy winter coats that I forgot that they might actually shed those in the summer like most animals do. Their summer coat really reminds me of horses.

And just look at that face? I just want to hug him and stroke his soft little muzzle. I won't though. Calves are definitely more skittish than adults and he would run off. Also, he may be little but I bet he could still take me. I've spent enough time around horses to know that one swift kick hurts like a son of a gun. If I'm going to get close to large animals that can cause bodily injury, I prefer that they be domesticated first. I'll stick with horses.

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  1. What a handsome little guy :) He's about the size of the one that ran in front of me when we were 4 wheeling last month. Of course we don't see as many around here as you probably do but when we do it's a treat!
    Have a great day :)


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