Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cold is a relative thing

My sister recently sent me this forward and I thought I just had to share it. The funny thing is that it is surprisingly accurate. When I first got here I froze at my sisters house. She had all the windows open and was wearing shorts and tank tops. I was bundled up in jeans, a sweatshirt, slippers, and had a blanket wrapped around me. I've acclimated a bit now.

At 65 degrees above zero:
 People in Florida turn on the heat. 
People in Alaska plant gardens.

 At 60 degrees above zero:
 People in California shiver uncontrollably.
 People in Alaska sunbathe.

 At 50 degrees above zero:
 Italian and English cars won't start.
 People in Alaska drive with the windows down.

 At 40 degrees above zero:
 People in Georgia don coats, thermal underwear, gloves, and wool hats.
 People in Alaska throw on a flannel shirt.

 At 35 degrees above zero:
 New York landlords finally turn up the heat.
 People in Alaska have the last cookout before it gets cold.

 At 20 degrees above zero:
 People in Miami all die.
 People in Alaska close the windows.

 At zero degrees:
 People in Arizona fly away to Mexico.
 People in Alaska get out their winter coats.

 At 10 degrees below zero:
 Hollywood disintegrates.
 Girl Scouts in Alaska are selling cookies door to door.

 At 20 degrees below zero:
 Washington, DC, runs out of hot air.
 People in Alaska let the dogs sleep indoors.

 At 30 degrees below zero:
 Santa Claus abandons the North Pole.
 Alaskans get upset because they can't start the snowmobile.

 At 40 degrees below zero:
 ALL atomic motion stops.
 People in Alaska start saying, "Cold enough for ya?"

 At 50 degrees below zero:
 Hell freezes over.
 Alaska public schools will open 2 hours late

True things about our life in Alaska...

It was in the 30s yesterday and it felt positively balmy. 

Our thermostat is set at 66 degrees. We turn it down even more at night. 
We grill outside all winter long. Just brush the snow off the grill and fire her up!

We really do plant gardens at 65 degrees. If you want to grow tomatoes you have to have a greenhouse. It just doesn't get warm enough for them to produce fruit outside. The nights get too cool. 

People really do sunbathe at 60 degrees. If there is sunshine, people are outdoors.
We had several snow days this year and it wasn't for the 12 inches of snow we got in one night. It was for freezing rain when it got too warm to snow.

The kids have to go outside for recess unless the windchill is greater than 10 below.

I'm not sure that the kids would get a delay at school if it was 50 below. I know they don't have a delay if it's 30 below. The bus came right on time!

For 50 below you'd have to ask the kids in Fairbanks.


  1. The kids here in Fairbanks do have school at -50. They go out to recess until it gets colder then -20. Schools don't close for snow. I think the last snow they had was about 16-17 years ago. They closed for ice once for two or three days though with that freak ice storm we had last November. Of course, half the kids were already on the bus (which were sliding off into ditches even with chains on) so they weren't really closed the first day.

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