Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bob: a list

 This is the face of a guilty dog.

 He just got caught eating Sonny Boys toothbrush that he had stolen off the counter in the kids' bathroom. After this picture he put his head in my lap and begged for forgiveness.

Oh Bob, what am I going to do with you?
I've decided to start a running list of things that Bob has eaten because, well, it's a little weird and it makes me laugh once I see it all together. One lesson I've learned: nothing on the counter is safe. Pretty much nothing anywhere is safe.
Here is the list so far.
  1. tube of toothpaste
  2. steak off the counter
  3. a pan of peanut butter bars left on the counter (loud crash that woke me up at two in the morning = Bob sending the pan flying to the floor)
  4. my breakfast off the counter (do you see a trend here?)
  5. a banana
  6. apple slices
  7. tomato
  8. countless tubes of chapstick
  9. Legos (where do I even start)
  10. 3, no wait, 4 toothbrushes
  11. a bouncy ball
  12. nerf darts--any time he can find one
  13. lip gloss
  14. enchilada seasoning packet (I actually had to learn to make enchilada sauce from scratch)
  15. anything my 2 year old nephew has in his hand
  16. something very, very red that he puked up on my new white rug, perhaps number 13.
  17. barbie shoe
  18. stuffed otter
  19. anything he can haul out of the kids garbage cans
  20. part of a loaf of bread
  21. pineapple 
  22. Tinker Toys
  23. any wrapper that once contained food
  24. crayons
  25. anything in my compost pile 
 At least he has nearly stopped puking at this point. He must finally be used to the dog food we have. All that crazy stuff he eats doesn't make him puke but switching his brand of dog food does. That just doesn't seem right.

    Next up, things my 10 month old nephew has eaten (or at least attempted to eat) including, but not limited to: sandpaper, dust bunnies, napkins, diapers, paper, a screw, Bob's tail, and dog food. 
    Babysitting him was so much easier when he was immobile.


    1. Really nothing on the floor is safe if within 10 miles of Owen. If I'd LET him actually eat everything he wants I'd have no need for a vacuum.

    2. He will grow, and flourish Lisa. I have a twenty five year old daughter who ate her weight in things off the floor. Absolutely mortifying for a 1st time Mom, but by the the time #2 and #3 came along, NOTHING they ate surprised me.

    3. This makes me wish that I had kept a list of the things Larissa and Noah and Domino have all eaten. That I know would be funny and long but the truth is I think I have had to block it out of my mind so when they kiss me I wont get sick! Most recently Noah ate some of the bread that Domino had found in the neighbors trash! See that is why I block!

    4. Just think of it this way, the kids are really building up their immune systems!


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