Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin time

It was a pumpkin carving kind of day. Halloween is just around the corner. Tomorrow, in fact. Today for most of you. My sister and her family came over to carve pumpkins with us.

This is the first time that I actually let my kids use the knives. I'm slightly paranoid and perhaps a bit of a control freak and micro managerial. Just a little. They did fine and no one lost any appendages although Sonny Boy did accidentally cut off half of his pumpkin's teeth.

 My brother in law and nephew. My nephew is an expert at using permanent markers. Mostly on the pumpkin, some on the highchair. He soon switched over to washable Crayola markers.

My sister and nephew.  No pumpkin carving party is complete without some power tools.

Left to right: Ubunto symbol (my brother in law. Can you tell he works in IT?), Princess Blondie's creation, Sonny Boy's pirate (notice the missing teeth? I figure it works pretty well for a pirate.), and finally, my sister's power tool master piece. 
Happy Trick or Treating! I hope your Halloween is much warmer than ours will be.  Here's hoping that my kids can fit their costumes on over top of their snow pants.


  1. I was trying to figure out what the Ubunto symbol was. I still have to take pictures of my pumpkins but your sister-in-law did what we did. Love the holes. Totally easy looks great. I agree it is hard to let the little ones have the cutting tools. Larissa and Jesse got to do their own but the two little ones had me cut.

  2. I wouldn't have know what the Ubunto symbol was if he hadn't told me.
    I love my sister's pumpkin with the holes all over it. I think next year I may need to get my own so I can do that. It turned out really well!


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