Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween, Alaskan style

We had our second Halloween in Alaska. In some ways, it reminded me of Michigan Halloweens. Cold, snowy, and dark. We were pretty good at finding ways to put our costumes on over top of snowsuits, or at the very least layer up. DH is still in Texas so we went trick or treating with my sister and her family. 

Princess Blondie was Clifford the Big Red Dog, Sonny Boy was a skeleton, and my nephews were a a pumpkin and a bee. 
I was surprised that Princess Blondie decided to be Clifford for trick or treating. She got terribly upset when she wore her costume to school because everyone called her Clifford and not by her name. I was glad though, because a hula girl was her other choice and she may have frozen to death in that. That costume is decidedly more difficult to wear over warm clothes. That, and there is nothing more depressing that a hula girl in a parka and snow boots.

 We drove to a nearby neighborhood so that we could walk from house to house.

 I was really impressed with their pumpkins. Someone in that house was very talented.

 When we got home we hit up our neighbors who gave my kids huge handfuls of candy because there hadn't been many trick or treaters. I only had one group stop at my house. I think my kids got half of their candy from the last three houses we went to and I finally met some of my neighbors. We've been here for over a year and there are still people on my culdesac that I don't know. It's a little sad.

 Princess Blondie's creation. Nothing scary here. She doesn't handle scary very well. 

 Sonny Boy's pirate pumpkin sans half of his teeth. He got a little carried away.

We decided that next year the best way to go is to load the kids up in the meat wagon and tow them behind the four wheeler.  We'll have this down to a science soon.

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  1. Love the snow and the costumes and the jack-o-lanterns. I love Halloween. I am glad that you had a good one.


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