Saturday, October 2, 2010

She found it

I am the mean mom who hides the glitter. I may bust it out on special occasions, but for the most part, I like it hidden. It is just too messy, and if this is coming from me it must be really bad, because I am certainly not a model wife/mother when it comes to house cleaning. I love a clean house, but I hate cleaning. Cleaning makes me grouchy. I pray every night that I will turn into one of those women who cleans whenever they are frustrated, or upset, or just plain mad, but I wake up every day still loathing the idea of having to clean my house. My second prayer is that some day I can hire a cleaning lady. I'll keep praying. Maybe you can put me on your prayer chain.

So I hid the glitter. I hid it in the cupboard with the bread. After a few months Princess Blondie found it. She must have gotten hungry. 
You know, for someone who doesn't like it, I sure did buy an industrial size bottle of glitter. This should last until she is eighteen, at least. She can probably pass it down to her own children and she can hide it from my grand kids.

Look at her. She is so proud of herself. I don't have the heart to hide it again. I'll just have to live with glitter all over everything from here on out. But now gramma and grampa need to watch out. If you any any mail from our house I would open it outside, or at least over the sink, because you are about to get glitter-fied.


  1. Prayer chain - that's hilarious!

  2. That is too funny! I am the same way. I hate cleaning. Scott was disappointed that I never went through the "nesting" phase when I was pregnant. I just hate cleaning!!!

  3. Do you remember a few months back when my littlest found the glitter? He found the expensive stuff. I haven't been nice enough to buy them glitter but I bought a few mega bottles for me and the results were a glitter storm. I think you got lucky! I agree love the clean house hate to clean. I found books on tape. I down load one into my MP3 Player and go to work. I love it and I keep up on my book club. Also I get the books from the library not the store so they cost nothing.

  4. Nichole, I don't think I ever really wanted to clean while nesting. I just wanted to buy cute baby stuff and decorate :)

    Krissa, you are a genius! I have never thought of books on tape for cleaning. I'm going to try that for sure! One of the many reasons I don't clean is because I have a book that needs to be read ;)

  5. i am the same way with hiding the glitter. Dry glitter, glitter glue....

    My mom is a Stampin' Up demonstrator and she is always bringing or sending the girls stuff. Which is great 'cause they love it. But all that girly decorating craft supplies is quite the job to clean up. We are such mean moms. :)


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