Monday, November 9, 2009

Settling in...

So we have finally closed on our house. The whole process was... interesting, but at least we had a wonderful realtor! The kids and I flew up the end of July and we were all staying at my sister's while we looked for a house. DH looked at probably thirty houses before I came up. The day after my arrival we went and looked at two houses. The first was a definite no and then we pulled up in the driveway of the second house and it was perfect! Poor DH looked at thirty houses and it's the second one that I saw? Crazy.

The location was perfect, the house had great space and a good layout so we put a bid on it right away. Everything progressed along smoothly until just before closing. Suddenly the sellers find out that they are missing a deed of reconveyance. I had never heard of it before but when I found out what it was I started to worry. It is the deed that shows that the mortgage was paid off when they bought it. Without a deed of reconveyance this house was not going to be sold to anybody. Then, we find out that the sellers had bought the house from some guy who claimed bankruptcy because he got caught after he embezzled 52 million dollars! This screwed up a bunch of stuff because because now this whole legal matter was wrapped up in it. We were supposed to close on the house on the 15th of September and we ended up closing on the 1st of October. When we went to the closing, the people at the title company couldn't believe that the issue got resolved as quickly as it did. It truly was God's hand in this getting the right people and the right papers done at the right time.

So here we are in are new house. Unpacked but not necessarily put away yet. Still trying to find a home for all the odds and ends type of stuff and the right place to hang each picture. We have mostly finished the master bedroom. The only thing missing is a chair for the reading nook. Once we get that I think that is going to be my new favorite spot in the house.

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