Thursday, November 19, 2009


The first snow came last week and we have been in the full winter mode since. In fact, it has barely breached the positive digits lately. Today I walked the kids to the bus stop instead of taking the truck because it was only -5. That's quite a bit warmer than the -17 it has been though! Funny that in a week's time I have come to think of -5 as not that bad. Apparently this is not normal weather for here. In fact, ever since I have moved here the weather has not been normal according to everyone here. The summer was too sunny and really warm, well at least it was really warm before I got here. Then the fall was not normal because it was sunny and mild and gorgeous. It never snowed once in October, which is definitely not normal and now once it finally did snow more than a week into November, it is been well below zero, something that usually holds off until January or so.

So even though I've been here for a while now, apparently I have no idea what it's really like to live here because the weather has been abnormal the whole time!

Sonny Boy has been loving the snow. He gets off the bus and doesn't even come in for a snack. He just goes and plays in the snow. He hauls his sled around and fills up his truck with snow and plays with his little backhoe. It's like the whole world has turned into his sandbox. Princess Blondie hasn't been quite as adventurous. She will go out and play with Sonny Boy for a while, but snow in the face will send her in crying. I'm just impressed that she will go out at all. When we went to Michigan for Christmas last year she flat refused to wear snow pants and never went out to play once. She hasn't made a peep about wearing snow pants this year. Strange, the phases kids go through.


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