Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This morning

Here's a little view into my morning. 
The kids were brushing their teeth upstairs and spotted this moose in the back yard. 
Then we came downstairs to look out the big bay window and spotted her friend with her.

They were young. They've visited us before. They like our backyard and our neighbors front yard. They also like my delphinium. They must not be toxic to moose, as they are to humans, because they ate the whole blasted stalk of flowers. They were kind enough to leave the rest of the plant. They just ate the flowers.

This is my view from my computer desk this morning. Autumn is in full swing. In fact, we are at the peak and headed for the down slide now. I don't like the down slide because once you hit the bottom it's winter. After our really gloomy summer, I'm not quite ready for winter yet. At least our fall has been beautiful. It has been sunny and gorgeous for the past two weeks. 

This is the view of my boy's creation. He started digging this pile of dirt a few weeks ago because he wanted to bury something. He didn't care what, he just wanted something to bury. And to play with DH's post hole digger. Burying a rock or an old busted up toy is much better than burying his sister. I was not so lucky as a kid. As the youngest of four I was the thing that got buried. They were kind enough to leave my head poking out. And they didn't leave me there, obviously, because here I am.

This is also where toys come to die, so I suppose it is appropriate that he wanted to bury them. The thing that I find most funny about this whole scenario is that there is a sand box about 15 feet away and yet he has been playing in this pile of dirt. Until a week ago it was a mud pit. I finally put the kibosh on the hose. He'd already done enough damage.

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