Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More fair fun

Here are a few more highlights from our day at the fair.

We caught the tail end of the lumberjack show when we went to the fair last year so we wanted to make sure that we got to see the whole thing this year. It really is entertaining.

There is ax throwing.

Log cutting.

I don't remember what they called this, but he was standing on a board wedged into a cut on the tree, and then they chop the top off. One guy nearly fell off.

Don't remember what this is called either, but two guys race to the top of the poles and back down. They pretty much just free fall back down to the bottom. Scary.


And log rolling.
The whole show is scripted, and it happened to be the same show with the same jokes as last year even though the people were different. It reminds me of my rodeo days, listening to the clowns do the same routines and same jokes all season long. Sometimes even year after year.

Now we move on to animals.  Considering that their aren't that many farms out here, there really weren't that many animals. At least not compared to Michigan.

There were some awfully cute pygmy goats.

Baa, baa, black sheep.

Some beautifully feathered bird that unfortunately has the ugliest head God ever created.

You met this fellow earlier. He tried to get my camera, but I was too quick for him.

And finally some bunnies. Their red eyes always throw me off a bit. Cute but still kind of creepy.

And finally we came to see the show Cavallo. The guy here is juggling while he stands on the back of a horse that is running around a ring. It really is amazing. It is a wonderful show with vaulting and other tricks on horse back. Vaulting is basically gymnastics on horseback. I always figured gymnastics was hard enough on the ground, but someone, somewhere along the line decided to do it on the back of a horse. I guess they really needed a challenge.

Here he is standing on two horses. If you look closely you can see it.

Now there are two people up there.

And now, notice the guy flying through the air? He just did a back flip off the horse in front.

And he lands on the horse in the back. AMAZING! If I can ever figure out how to get a video off of my phone and on to the computer, I will post it.

Had to get some pictures of the kids at the fair.

It was bright...

The hula hoop queen had to show off her mad hula-ing skills.

Bumper cars.
I don't think that Princess Blondie quite understood the point of the bumper cars. When they got out after their ride she said "That STINKIN' car ran into us and now my stomach hurts!"  Then I had to explain that the whole point of bumper cars is to run into people. Perhaps I should have explained that to her before they got in.

Sonny Boy loved this little obstacle course.

And what trip to the fair would be complete without a ride on the Ferris wheel? I kind of wish we could see it at night. I bet it is beautiful all lit up.

DH and Princess Blondie are up there somewhere.

Ah, there they are.

And then on our way out, we saw a bike demonstration.

It was the highlight of the fair for Sonny Boy. Perhaps even the highlight of his life thus far.

The only thing I could think the whole time I watched it was how much it would hurt if they crashed. That is just asphalt below them. I'm not sure they would have any skin left if they fell. They did talk a lot about the importance of safety equipment after their demonstration though.
They do know how to make mothers happy.

Coming up in our final installment of fun at the fair, Produce: Alaskan Style. We grow 'em big up here!

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  1. Catching up on my favorite blog surfing tonight. I never saw your pictures of the fair - and they're great! You got some great ones of the the horse show.


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