Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thank God it's Sunday... well, for a few more minutes

What a week. My sister and I were just commiserating the other day about how we really don't know what all these other super moms keep so busy doing. Perhaps if we were better house keepers we would feel like we were busy little bees running around all day just like them. I used to be busy. I had school, I had friends, play dates, girls' nights out, church, volunteering at church, weekly life group meetings. I had a pretty full schedule and I liked it that way. Here I still don't really know anybody aside from my sister and a few acquaintances from Mom Connections and some other preschool moms.

This week however reminded me of how busy my life was before I moved here. Wednesday my sister and I went to Anchorage for a Costco run and coffee with some of her friends. Thursday was Mom Connections and then a play date for Princess Blondie at my house. Friday I volunteered at Sonny Boy's school as I do every Friday and then met our realtor for coffee at her house. No, we are not looking at buying or selling again. We just really liked our realtor (my sister recommended her after they bought their house with her help) and now I should just start calling her my friend instead of my realtor. Although if anyone is in the area and needs a realtor, I highly recommend Elizabeth!

Friday was Sonny Boy's birthday as well, so I made cupcakes and brought them to his class and we also had pizza and he got to open one present that evening. Saturday, Sonny Boy went to a movie with Cub Scouts and then we went sledding and had a party with Aunt Lisa. Sonny Boy had a great birthday even though his friend couldn't come over as planned. We will try to have him over next week instead. I made Sonny Boy a cake with a chainsaw on it. When he first asked me for a chainsaw cake I was a little surprised, but I think it all stemmed from the lumberjack show that we watched at the State Fair. Sunday we went to church and then we finally came home with nothing to do . Well, there is plenty of cleaning and laundry to do, but nothing that requires me to leave home. I put the kids to bed early because they were quite tired and cranky after such a busy weekend and I sat down to watch Emma on PBS. I love Emma and I love PBS. Perfect end to a busy week.

And of course, this week I have absolutely nothing planned. Hmm, droughts and monsoons, I suppose.

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  1. Ahhhhhhh! What a busy life. I am glad that Zack had a good birthday. I love the scout uniform. Did I mention that I am Jesse's Den Mother right now. We are excited about the pinewood derby this week. Is Zack's den doing them yet?


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