Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Christmas was great this year. The kids still firmly believe that Santa is the bringer of gifts to all good children and I absolutely used that to get them to pick up their toys and clean their rooms. We tried to downsize a little this year because, well we just bought a house, but also because the kids usually get so much stuff between us, the grandparents, and the cousins that they generally lose track of their gifts. When I finally got all the presents wrapped I was worried because I hadn't gotten them everything that they had asked for, but really, Sonny Boy was asking for multiples of thing he already had. Two remote control trucks and two skateboards are really excessive. He did end up with several little lego trucks to build which he loved.

Princess Blondie asked Santa for a unicorn, and given little girls fascinations with unicorns, you would think this would be simple to find, but they are not. All unicorn stuff is either artwork or figurines, both of which are not great for a girl who actually wanted to play with her unicorn. I finally found one at Target. They have plastic unicorns and also horses, fairies, knights, and dragons. She got a unicorn and a horse with a fairy. I may get the knight and dragon and see if Sonny Boy would actually play with her.

On Christmas day we got up early and opened presents. I made baked french toast, which was really more like bread pudding, but oh so good, and then my sister and her family came over for lunch. We hung out all day and went sledding in the afternoon. We went to the dirt road that connects our little subdivision with another up a big hill and decided to slide down it. The road doesn't get much traffic and I think they only plow it when they get bored and have nothing else to do. The kids had a great time and DH pulled them up the hill behind the fourwheeler. I went down a few times also. I honestly don't remember when the last time was that I went sledding. Even Stinky Beagle got a ride down on the sled with DH. I honestly think he just likes to think of new ways to scare that poor dog. She was a trooper and didn't even pee on him, so she must not have been too scared!

All in all, it was one of the best Christmases I've had.

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  1. Now I totally want to go sledding. The pictures look so fun. Sounds like you had a great Christmas.


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