Tuesday, September 4, 2012


All my Michigan friends and family are posting first day of school pictures of their kids today so I thought I'd join the party. I'm a little late considering my kids started school nearly three weeks ago but better late than never is my motto.

Speaking of better late than never, I made my husband a very happy man when I finally finished this project that I started nearly over a year ago. He just loves all my half finished projects taking up shelf space in his garage. It makes him all warm and fuzzy.

I fell in love with the wooden sunburst mirrors that had suddenly become very popular but didn't really want to shell out the money for one. I found several tutorials online for mirrors made with wood shims. I used some of their ideas, added a few of my own, and I'm pretty happy with the finished project. Even DH is pretty impressed with it but I think he's mostly impressed that I have actually finished it.

So what started out as several packs of wood shims eventually became this. Buy way more wood shims than you think you'll need. Or be smarter than me and actually do the math and figure out how many you'll need before you go back to the store for the third time to get more.

This should have taken me about a weekend to make, and if it had, I may have actually been on trend instead of behind, but I still love it. I still love chevron too and I'm not ashamed to say it even though the home decorating blog world has moved on to newer and trendier things.

My favorite part of this whole project, by far, is the movement of all the thermostats to one side of the wall. Whoever built this house put three thermostats spread out over this whole wall like some strange homage to thermostat. I couldn't hang anything there. You try decorating around that.

See them all lined up neatly and out of the way? It makes me ridiculously happy. If you are lucky enough to be married to a handy man, then you have someone who can dig through walls and go in crawl spaces and rewire things like this with out burning the house down. I am one of those very lucky ladies. The very luckiest of all. 

Now to get to all those other projects that I've started. DH could use the shelf space.


  1. What a very hadsome boy!! You did an awesome job with the mirror! Love it!

  2. Thanks, and I agree, he is one handsome boy. :)

  3. That mirror is really great. I wish you lived closer so you could show me how to do it. Not that I have the time right now. Give me a couple months and I will have time again.

    1. I wish you lived closer too! I would love to do crafty things together.

  4. That is awesome! I want to make one!!!!


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