Thursday, September 8, 2011

For my mom

Ah, where do I even begin? It's been a short summer with a lot packed in it and now it's over. The kids are back at school. I had my first day of class with my preschoolers today and my first Scout meeting tonight. The kids have both started gymnastics as well. Let the crazy school year begin! 
Since I don't even know where to start with posts about everything that happened this summer, I decided to make my mother happy and put up some pictures of my garden like I promised her I'd do. So all who don't get a big kick out of flowers, I'm sorry. But my mom will be thrilled. 

My hanging baskets have nearly recovered from my month long absence. DH told me he'd water them if I reminded him to. I remembered to remind him once. Can't say he didn't warn me. 

I came back to find the rest of my garden had really taken off. That tends to happen with about 20 hours of daylight. 

I threw some wildflower seeds down and they exploded! I had to weed about half of them out and my garden still looks like this. It's quite fecund. I think that's my favorite new word. I've been dying to use it. And I'm not sure that I used it properly, but hey, I gave it a go.

This is the first time I bought snapdragons. I think they are a definite yes for next year. The kids loved them. And look, the pansies I started from last year's seeds actually grew. 

 Except for this one. This one I bought. I have a hard time walking by flowers and not buying them. It's genetic. Thanks mom.


  1. Aw!! That was sweet! Your mom will love you for those beautiful photos. Now I know where Lisa gets that gene from.

  2. oh my goodness your flowers are amazing!! I LOVE the wildflowers! You have inspired me for next spring/summer!!

  3. oh, Bethie, they are beautiful. I feel like you have sent me a bouquet. I want to sit on your bench and drink in the colors. They are so vibrant and did a good job!!


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