Thursday, June 2, 2011

Worth it

My nephews are napping. I have a limited amount of time here. There are many things I should be doing instead of writing this.
Like folding the mountian of laundry in my living room.
Washing the dishes.
Planting my garden. That's a big one.
Mowing the lawn. Another biggie. 
But I just had to share these pictures. Never a dull moment around here.

This is my husband. No, he has not learned to walk on water.

He is standing on top of his atv. 
He got halfway across this bit of water when it started to float and then boycotted this particular adventure and quit. Right smack in the middle.
 There he sat swatting away mosquitoes until he was rescued. All those things you hear about the giant, bloodsucking, prehistoric mosquitoes in Alaska? They're all true. 

Can you throw me a line?


Maybe I should take my boots off for this.

Luckily, we were on our way home when this happened. Some of his friends winched him out and then I towed him the 10 or so miles back to the truck and trailer. And somehow he managed to stay dry through the whole thing. That in itself is downright miraculous.

So what took us on this treacherous journey to begin with? Forty miles round trip through dust so thick we couldn't see (or breath!), water so deep we drowned a fourwheeler, and terrain so bumpy my muscles were aching. All so we could see this.

The Knik Glacier.

These views are definitly well worth the tired muscles, sunken fourwheeler, and the pound of dust I inhaled.

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