Saturday, April 16, 2011

Better than a scrapbook

My iphone is better than a scrapbook. I was just browsing through pictures and it reminds me of all the little things that happened that I had forgotten about. It can also carry way more pictures than my wallet ever could. Here are a few goings ons that have been going on around here lately.

 Bob got a boo boo. He doesn't have a cast on, I just had to wrap his foot in an ace bandage so he wouldn't bleed all over my floor. Because we all know the next place he was going to go was my new white rug. I think  dogs' foot wounds are like head wounds on people. Tiny little cut means lots and lots of blood. Bob's just fine now. It was just a scrape on the bottom of his foot. DH took him out for a run with the four-wheeler and he lost a bit of skin on his paw from running on the side of the road. On the plus side, I don't have to trim his nails anymore. Asphalt = emery board. Lesson learned. Now Bob runs on dirt trails. 
(p.s. You can now add modeling clay and library book to the list of things that Bob has eaten/chewed on.) 

 Derby car races. Sonny Boy has been very excited for this and has been praying every night that he would win. I tried to tell him that all the other boys were working very hard on their cars too and he might not win.
 But then he won. There goes that lesson. But, now we have to go to the Scout O Rama and he races against everybody  from the whole valley there. He's been counting down the days. It's been marked on his calendar. I hope he does well there, but these things are really a bit of a crap shoot. There's a good chance I will have one very disappointed little boy on my hands. I may still have an opportunity for that lesson on good sportsmanship.

 My nephew loves to vacuum. I figured I would put that love to good use. It's not child labor if he wants to do it. At least, that's what my sister told me.

This winter we had one four wheeler. Then my husbands dirt bike suddenly morphed into another fourwheeler (God bless craigslist and people who like to trade). Yay, now I can go to! But then this spring those two four wheelers were feeling a little frisky and they had a baby. Now Sonny Boy is the proud owner of his very own four wheeler. I think our family camping trips just got a lot more exciting!

 Found out that Princess Blondie has strep throat. Again. This is the second time this year. I'm seeing flashbacks to my own childhood.  She feels find except for her throat so we made the best of the gorgeous spring weather. I took her to McDonalds after the doctor and then we played outside. 

 She said it was the best day ever. I agree.


  1. I hope you offer to pay for that library book. I hated it when someone would just sneak a chewed up book into the return cart. Like I couldn't figure out who they were :)

    Best day ever....I LOVE that.

  2. Ha ha, Mom, figuring out who left the chewed on books!

    I think that fancy little phone of yours has some pictures on there that I want, Beth. I was thinking back to Christmas and wondering where the pictures of Mom and Dad at your place were and I think they may be in that phone. I'll bring my laptop over sometime and we can down load.


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