Sunday, January 9, 2011

10 More things I've learned about Bob

It seems like we have had Bob here forever. He fits right in with the family. He is still getting used to the way things work around here. This is a continuation of what I have learned about Bob.

1. He is still trying to figure out where to sleep at night, given that his preferred spot is on our bed with us and he is denied every night. This leads to him trying sleep on the kids beds, which they love, except that he is a bit of a bed hog. 

2. Bob loves a good cuddle. Every morning when DH leaves for work the dogs jump at the chance of half of my bed being empty and immediately occupy it. Both dogs have to make sure that they are touching at least part of me. Bob's first choice is to stick his face in my face so I know for sure that he is there waiting to be cuddled. It gets a little cramped. 

3. Bob follows me from room to room all day long. He thinks I may decide to play with him or feed him something at any moment and he doesn't want to miss his chance. 

4. When Bob is not following me, he and Stinky Beagle have taken to sleeping on my bed. Bob can see out the window from our bed and is always the first to know when someone is coming or going, or heaven forbid, leaving him behind. I thought he was going to claw through the window the other day when I had the audacity to walk to the bus stop without him. There is a lot of dog slobber on that window now. I see a dark shadow watching me every time I come up the driveway, and then I hear the thunk, thunk, thunk, thunk as he runs down stairs to wait for our entrance from the garage. 

5. No food on any counter is safe. I'm not used to that. Stinky Beagle is no threat to my counters. First, Bob ate a cookie as they were cooling on the counter, then Bob ate my breakfast when I went in the other room for a minute, and then, Bob ate a pan of peanut butter bars in the middle of the night. I heard a loud crash that woke me up. Even DH woke up, which is saying something. I'm usually the only one to wake up and check out scary noises, but even he woke up this time. I went down stairs to find that Bob had knocked the ceramic pan onto the floor while he was gorging on peanut butter.
6. Needless to say, Bob threw up quite a bit for the first few weeks. His stomach seems to to have settled a bit (knock on wood) and I have learned to put stuff away. 
7. Bob likes to sprawl himslef right smack in the middle of my kitchen floor anytime that I am cooking. He gets tripped over a lot. I also knocked him in the nose when I opened the over door. He doesn't quite get the concept of getting out of the way. I think he might actually jump in there if I didn't watch him.

8. Bob likes to ride on the fourwheeler. He hops right on the back with the kids and goes along for the ride. He barks and howls the whole time. I need to get video of this.

9. Bob is a talker. This is probably my favorite thing about Bob. He grunts and groans and "talks" but he very rarely barks. 

10. He has chewed up every one of Stinky Beagles toys. It took him two weeks to eat through what Stinky Beagle had collected for two years. She's not much of a chewer. I have to try and try to find something she will chew on. Bob's pretty indiscriminate when it comes to chew toys. I foresee good dental health in his future.

The integration is complete. Bob is officially a part of this family.

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